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Reviews, short stories and more.

My name is Noah Yard, a former media student and aspiring writer and screenwriter from Melbourne Australia. This is the blog where I review some of my favourite new shows, movies and music, as well as the occasional short story or essay.

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Godzilla Minus One Gets it Right.

It’s a rare thing, for me at least, when you see a kaiju movie and don’t root for the monster in some way. I mean they’re just so cool....

Three Games I Wish I'd Played Sooner.

I’m a shameless shopaholic when it comes to video games. I will always look at something shiny and new, over something that I already...

Survivor AU Ep 1 Review.

A new year is a time for growth, for resolutions, for new beginnings. And this new year, nice and early we are getting a new season of...

Drag Race Season Premier 16 Mini Review.

If my one-week stint as a “The Bachelor” reviewer taught me anything it’s that reality TV reviewing is where it’s at, because it's where...

Saltburn: Shock and Nah.

Saltburn, which is director Emerald Fennel's second movie, is one of platitudes and shimmering layers that ultimately grow dull the more...

Dave the Diver: A Perfect Game?

There are a few games I hold very dear to my heart as games that just bring me pure joy and refuel my love for the media. Some are AAA...

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