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Reviews, short stories and more.

My name is Noah Yard, a former media student and aspiring writer and screenwriter from Melbourne Australia. This is the blog where I review some of my favourite new shows, movies and music, as well as the occasional short story or essay.

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PREY Review (Some Spoilers.)

I don’t talk about Action or Adventure movies outside of the MCU a lot, and that’s because I don’t often watch them. Sometimes I get a...

Thor Love and Thunder Review (Spoilers.)

I’m alive!! Can you believe?? And I’m back with a not-so-fresh idea called “I’ll get to it…”, a series of reviews for things that have...

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Review.

I’ve played side-scroller Kirby games before and honestly I didn’t enjoy them much, they were either too easy, or I just wasn’t enamoured...

Spiritfarer: One Year Later

Before I talk about one of my favourite games, Spiritfarer, I’d like to do something totally out of character and talk about myself for a...

Single All the Way Review

I have a question. Is it okay to totally love a corny, over the top, straight engineered queer Christmas movie even though it may be ALL...

The Eternals Review

For the first time in over 20 movies, I went to see Marvel Studio’s “The Eternals” with no prior knowledge as to who the main heroes...

Is Skyward Sword HD Worth It?

A decade ago, during Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s original release on the Wii, I remember tremendous excitement. Partly because I was...

Join Doja Cat, and Live on "Planet Her."

Have you ever wanted to traverse a strange otherworldly desert filled with beautiful giant women? Have you wanted to sneak and dance...

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