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5 More Great Anime To Watch on Netflix

I recently did a list of some great animes you could find on Netflix, easily accessible stories that are still really great. Well, I thought, since it had been a little while, that I would write about a few more! So here are some more fantastic anime you can find on Netflix.

The Way of the Househusband.

The Way of the House Husband is one of the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. It follows an ex yakuza boss named the Immortal Dragon, who hung up his murdering hat to become the world’s most intense, attentive, and talented house husband.

While his wife works, Tatsu cooks, cleans, shops, exercises. But he doesn’t do any of these things like a normal person, no no. It seems his mafia training cannot be so easily forgotten. Cooking becomes an intense, precise process where Tatsu treats the ingredients like they are personally about to attack him. He goes to yoga and likens the poses to different positions mobsters have to learn to survive, and a simple passing of basil to a friend is framed like a super intense drug deal. Complete with bumbling cops who have no idea it’s all actually quite innocent.

It’s cute, it’s funny and it’s a good one to watch if you’re feeling down and need a pick me up.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

A tragic story about a young boy whose whole family is slaughtered by some unknown being. His only remaining family member is his sister who seems to be possessed by a demon. He must journey to save his sister while dealing with the secretive Demon Slayer Corps, who wage war on demons, and a barrage of the gross monsters themselves, hell-bent on consuming human flesh.

This one is so tragic, yet so beautiful, the setting in Taishō era japan, the snowy landscapes and the character designs are mouth-wateringly beautiful and set up an atmosphere unique to any anime I’ve watched before. Combine that with the horror, grotesquery, and slaughter of the storyline it makes for a perfect balance. There’s also a man with the head of a boar.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

Those familiar with the phenomenon JoJo’s Bizarre adventure will likely recognize Kishibe Rohan, a character from the main series who now has his own spin-off. There are only four episodes for this one, each one a self-contained journey of horror and intrigue, with comedic elements as well.

Rohan is a Manga writer, who travels to find inspiration for his stories, and along the way he gets tangled up in some pretty horrible situations. These include Rohan’s own exploits and those he hears about, which include real estate purchases gone fowl, the world’s most bizarre catholic confession, and an affair gone deadly wrong. It’s well worth the watch just to see how stupid Rohan can be in these situations, and for the beautiful character design, inspired by original manga creator Hirohiko Araki

High Rise Invsasion

This one’s a real screamer. It’s about a girl named Yuri who finds herself stuck atop a weird world, where only the roofs of high-rise buildings are accessible and are connected by rickety old bridges, forming some sick playground. Inhabiting this high-rise terror land are masked assailants, hell-bent on trying to make their pray jump off of the buildings, thus losing their little game. Both the Masks and the fellow players of the game desperately fight each other. Some of the regular people even go a little bit mad and attack each other too. Yuri decides, “No, this is bullshit”, and decides to fight back. But to survive she needs a killer instinct if she ever wants to see her brother again.

This one is definitely not for a younger audience, trigger warnings for suicide are obvious, and it’s one of those anime that’s kind of horny. You know the ones where there are lots of underwear shots and boobs bounce like dodgeballs? That being said, the premise and the spirit of Yuri are enough for me to recommend this one. Are you strong enough to play the game?


Yasuke’s first scene is a stunning LOTR level battle between different factions of samurai. There’s mecha samurai, laser shields, you name it, it is a STUN-NING scene, but Yusuke is even more than that. The story is actually about an African man named Yasuke, who goes from being under the command of Europeans to a warrior under the service of a Japanese feudal lord. After surviving a terrible war, he becomes a recluse but is soon tasked with helping out a sick little girl.

The story for this one is on point, I’ve never watched an anime set in this time periods of lords and samurai (call me novice), and the beautiful artwork really enhances that feeling of being in that time, a warrior. It’s an interesting concept and they deal with the implications of having a black samurai, nay a black man, in this fictional Japan at that time. Voiced by Lakeith Stanfield, Yasuke is a complex, haunted character, but he is honourable, strong and brave, he’s one you really feel for and want to see succeed.

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