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6 Great Anime to Watch on Netflix

I’m not a person who has ever been huge into anime. When I was a kid, I’d watch One Piece or Dragon Ball Z on the morning cartoons but that was the limit to my anime experience. Streaming services have made it really easy to watch new shows from all around the world, including fully dubbed Japanese cartoons. The streaming service has even come out with a few of its own originals.

So recently I’ve sparked up a new interest in anime on Netflix, the algorithm has totally transformed my front page to one entirely dominated by cartoons and I’m loving it. I thought I’d share on here some of my favourite animes that I’ve found really enjoyable. Here are 6 animes that you can watch on Australian Netflix that you may not have heard of before.


The show that started my new obsession, Beastars was on my watch list for months before I finally started it. Even though before I hadn’t watched much anime the trailer and bizarre, slightly horrific concept hooked me.

Set in a high school in a fictional world where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal, walking, talking, and going to school. Most of the action takes part in a high school, with all the typical high school things like sports, drama clubs, and most importantly high school clicks. The difference though, is these animals aren’t separated into clicks like jock, prep, nerd, but instead into carnivores and herbivores, predator and prey.

The shows drama and themes are all centred around fighting your natural instincts, and the nature vs nurture debate. Can a carnivore truly stop themselves from killing people lower on the food chain?

The main character, a very tall grey wolf named Legoshi, asks himself this question when he falls in love with a small white rabbit. Is he just a high schooler in love or is he really fighting his need to eat meat?

It’s a fascinating show, who’s concept and themes are surprisingly complex despite it’s outer, somewhat comical appearance. It has what I love most in animes, and you’ll see this through a few of my picks on this list, a dark tone with twisted surprises and freaky characters.

The show does take some dark turns that involve black markets for herbivore meat, a gang of mobster lions, and thee murder of a young herbivore in a school. Beastars is definitely one to watch if you love complex characters and themes, talking animals, and bloodshed.

Blood of Zeus

One of the newer additions on this list, Blood of Zeus is a Greek fable anime produced by the makers of the iconic Castlevania. It’s a show based on an untold chronicle in Greek Mythology, as a mortal son of Zeus learns about his heritage while fighting off a barrage of demons, and a vengeful queen of the gods.

This is an anime that wasn’t actually produced in Japan, so whether this is technically anime at all is debatable, but it has the same animation style so I’m throwing it on the list.

This one is a must for fans of Greek Mythology, or mythology in general as it includes some of the most iconic members of the Greek mythos. The gods of Olympus, the beasts of the land and underworld, and some of the more iconic stories make appearances in the show's first season, with character design and easter eggs that would make any myth nerd smile.

But this show isn’t just a retelling of the triumphs of Heracles or the slaying of Medusa. Blood of Zeus claims to tell about a period that was never passed down through the generations like the other myths were. A young man finds out he has the blood of a god when his village is attacked by demons. The demons serve the long-dead “giants”, enormous beings that faced the gods in war once. Meanwhile, the queen of the gods, Hera, has an axe to grind with her husband/brother Zeus over his infidelity.

It has everything you want from a Greek fable (family drama, slutty gods and lots of violence) with everything you want in a great anime.


Probably my favourite on the list, Dorohedoro is like Alice in Wonderland, if Alice had a lizard head and wonderland was a hovel so destitute it’s simply called “The Hole.”

Caiman is a man who was attacked by a sorcerer, a race of beings who all have unique destructive and transformative magical abilities. Caiman’s head was transformed into that of a thorny lizard, and his memory was wiped. With the help of a gyoza maker, Nikaido, Caiman hunts sorcerers unlucky enough to venture into the Hole, in hopes that he’ll finally find the one who cursed him.

The comedy of the show, along with the magical visuals of sorcerers, and their magical sorcerers’ realm, make this anime truly unique and a super fun ride. Even the villains, who hunt Caiman, are funny and sympathetic. The mysterious and all-powerful sorcerer En, for example, seems tough but his magic exclusively turns objects and people into mushrooms.

There’s only one season of this one, but hopefully, they make more based on the manga the show is based on. This one is a must-watch, even though it does contain elements of intense violence/sorcerer killing.

Parasite: The Maxim

Airing in 2015, Parasite is the oldest anime on the list but it’s here for good reason. It’s a true horror anime with a classic plotline; parasites have invaded earth and are enslaving people one by one. The parasites take human hosts, and by controlling their brains they can more into horrendous monsters with antennae eyes and blades for arms.

The show's protagonist is Shinichi, a high school boy who is infested with a parasite that didn’t quite make it to his brain; it took over his right hand. With the power of the parasite Migi he defends people and hunts down other, deadlier parasites who feed on humans.

Shinichi’s relationship with Migi is a cool focal point in the show, as he teaches the unfeeling parasite about human customs and emotions, and the parasite lends Shinichi strength and powers that alter his own views on humanity. He is corrupted in a way and has to fight these new, monstrous instincts alongside the other parasites coming for him.

The show is a total blood bath, with graphic depictions of dismemberment and monsters eating humans. The ways in which the parasites morph human anatomy is horrendous, but you can’t look away. It’s a perfect anime for people who love horror, thrills and gore.


The weirdest anime on this list, far and away, is Kakegurui, a show with no lizard men, gods or parasites. The only thing this show has and needs is a high school full of pro gamblers.

That’s the concept of the show, the school is run based on who is good and who is bad at gambling, there are no clicks, or prestige that comes with good grades, all your fortune and friends in Kakegurui are dependent on how good you are at gambling.

The school seemingly has no adults and is run by an insane posse called the student council. They make the rules, they count the money and they decide who’s life is worth anything.

The thing that makes this anime so strange and addicting is the utter ridiculousness of its characters, who are so over the top, so addicted to the art of gambling that it’s comical. One girl is so riled up over gambling that she practically drools at the mouth, another is addicted to collecting fingernails as prizes, and the student body president is a bond villain-esque sociopath who sets up insane games that put people in danger.

None of these nightmare students compare to the show’s star Yumeko Jabami, a girl so obsessed with gambling that she revolves he whole life around it and gets turned on at the prospect of a great gambling session. She even has a catchphrase as she wins countless games against unsuspecting school friends, “Let’s get our gambling freak on!”

The students gamble on a wide array of games, ranging from simple poker to deadly games of Russian roulette, to betting on the results of J-Pop talent shows. These maniacs will gamble on anything, and as you watch it’s hard to believe kids this young would have such severe, specific gambling addictions.

The show does have a creepy, porny type feel sometimes, the women are drawn with big breasts, there’s implied masturbation and a girl who gets turned on by physical violence. If you’re at all against sexiness in anime this is one to avoid, if you don’t care it’s just another insane part of an already insane show.

The Great Pretender

Before anything else the Great Pretender is stunning. The animation style and colours are so bright and beautiful I have to give major props to the animators and designers. Set in beautiful cities like Singapore, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Shanghai the scenery is beautiful and accurate to real life, it’s a joy to watch.

The story is the cherry on top! It follows Makoto Edamura, a flim-flam man and scammer from Japan who tries to rip off the wrong person. While trying to pickpocket, he runs afoul of Laurent Thierry, an infamous French conman who pulls Makoto into his world of high stakes thievery and conning.

It’s largely a comedy and it is funny to see Makoto getting dragged into various schemes against his will, to see Laurent masterfully con the rich and greedy. And to see their partner Abigail give zero shits about anyone’s opinions.

However, each of the characters on the thieving team has kind of tragic, beautiful backstories that mellow the tone of the show and keep the heists and hijinks grounded.

With no major violence or outlandish themes, this one is probably the safest one on the list to watch, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring! Plus Freddie Mercury sings the closing theme.

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