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Go Watch Furiosa Damn It! Cinema is Dying.

(I’ll first say that before seeing Furiosa I did not rewatch Fury Road. So watching Furiosa at the current time was like watching a fresh film, that isn’t affected by the successes or failures of the original. And with that in mind, let's review.)


It may not be going nuts at the box office, but there are plenty of reasons to pick up a ticket to go see Furiosa, the newest prequel in the Mad Max saga. The story follows Imperator Furiosa, a young woman who (played By Charlize Theron in the original) grows up in the baron, hot wastelands of post-apocalypse Australia. Ripped from her home by raiders the movie follows her attempts to try to get back home. After years of struggle and heartbreak, Furiosa must become the deadly warrior that she does to, not only find safety but… Also, make sense with the original.


What I like most about Furiosa is the structure of it. Split into five labelled acts, each one feels like the chapters of a comic book or the episodes of a really intense Netflix show. We start when Furiosa is young and moves forward in time linearly but with a few time jumps, which cuts down on repetition and means we are always at the point where something big is happening. This bombastic style means the two and a half hours of the movie doesn’t feel too excessive and I think if you were to cut it down something would be missing.


We start when Furiosa was a child and is for a couple of acts, which is a shock to me because I was expecting Anya Taylor Joy from the start, but it was a nice surprise. The child Furiosa, played by Alyla Browne, goes through a lot of hardship, the violence in Mad Max movies is always a pull and sees a lot of dark things that turn her into the stone-cold warrior that becomes Anya Taylor Joy’s Furiosa. You don’t hear the child talk much, but she acts really well.


Anya is on another level though. Her portrayal of a young woman, ripped from her peaceful home and attempting to battle the harsh Australian warlands, is so interesting to watch and cement Taylor-Joy as a world-class actor in my book. She says a lot with short, sweet sentences but those massive eyes of hers speak volumes. She’s always planning, yearning for her home, maddened by a vengeful purpose.


Who is she vengeful towards? Well, lots of people, a lot of people screw her over. But the main perpetrator is Dementus, played by my main man Chris Hemsworth, a batshit crazy warlord, conniving but a little dumb, if Furiosa is the movie's north star, then Dementus is it’s lit hand grenade.


A lot of people would say Hemsworth was too much, too camp or too silly. But I think that’s the point of a Franchise like Mad Max. You have to swing for the fences, because you’re dealing with an insane world, people using jetpacks and war boys spraying silver paint on their teeth, if you’re not at that level you aren’t doing it right.


Dementus is cruel, crude and crazy. He is not on the same level as Immortan Joe, who is in this one as well and still frightfully disgusting, but Dementus is more theatrical. He actually kind of reminds me of a really Australian, really bogan Jack Sparrow.


He’s also a bit of a bumbling idiot, constantly fumbling the bag.I don’t know if that part makes for a good villain but it’s entertaining to watch him spiral.


What I didn’t expect was the little love story, short and sweet. It doesn’t take up the whole movie so I wouldn’t call it a subplot, it is only in a couple of the movie's acts. When Furiosa is tasked with driving the big silver truck with Jack, they bond and that bond leads to something very sweet and innocent in a very macho movie. The women in Fury road give that story humanity and a sense of serenity, there’s not much of that in Furiosa.


The action is the best bit, I mean duh. The war rig is constantly under attack by the aforementioned jetpack men, bikers, snipers, pole jumpers, etc. The rattling of motors and the cocking of guns set off something in me watching this movie. I’m no man’s man by any means, but this movie made me want to drink a can of bear and then crush it against my forehead. It’s high octane, loud and visceral and I loved that. It appealed to some lizard part of my brain that craves loud, explosive cinema.


If you are going to see Furiosa, I highly recommend NOT watching, or at least try not to compare, the movie with Mad Max: Fury Road. Although this is a prequel it stands alone as its own thing also. If you’re in the mood for something camp, violent, loud and fun, definitely give this one a watch.

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