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In Case You Haven't Seen It, Here's Another Glass Onion Review.

When I first watched Knives Out in 2019, I mainly went into it to see Chris

Evans be a bad guy in a cable-knit sweater. What I found though, was an epic Whodunit filled with bright, punchy characters, an elusive mystery that slowly uncoils itself, and a satisfying finish that you don’t get often in the superhero movies I generally go and see. It was fantastic.

When Rian Johnson showed off his new cast for the sequel, another epic A-list ensemble to rival the last, I wasn’t sure that the sequel, Glass Onion, could do everything the first did with as much style- Even with Daniel Craig returning as lead detective Benoit Blanc.

What I was not expecting was a movie so much more colourful, so much more filled with humour and light. If you saw the first movie you knew that the family in that one were Old-Money, and behaved as such. While Knives Out did feature humour, everything was more reserved, more gothic, as is the norm in murder mysteries, it was set in an old manor, the family were stuffy and had old-world ideas, and the costuming was reserved warm colours. It was an Autumn movie.

Getting back to Glass Onion it’s very much Summertime baby. Everything is bright, over the top, and funny. The fantastic costuming by the brilliant Jenny Eagan is worth noting, each outfit could be considered iconic.

While Glass Onion remains entirely thrilling and gripping as a mystery and a Whodunit, it does so on it’s own outlandish and silly terms. Set on a private Greek island the “mansion” this movie is a giant glass compound with an enormous ball at the top, the titular “Glass Onion.” There are no wrought iron gates or beautiful trellises, but big beautiful blue pools and lots of glistening reflective surfaces. Knit sweaters are replaced by the most beautiful bathing suit on Kate Hudson.

The glamour and see-through nature of the world being built are mirrored in its characters. They are all punchy, colourful, and aggressively tropey. There’s the ditsy model, the highly-strung politician, the slightly more reserved scientist, and the highly problematic right-wing Twitch streamer.

This isn’t the tight-knit yet the deeply fractured family of Knives Out, this is a group of disparate deplorables that are still connected through one thing- Money- Which in this movie comes from the “golden tit” of Edward Norton’s Miles Bron, a Muskian “self-made” billionaire who funnels his money into all of his friend's enterprises.

Norton plays a perfect preachy, arrogant ass that wants to appear cool and approachable on the surface but is actually just a tit. And it’s around his schemes and money that the mystery of the movie unfolds. His “friends” all have motives for the crimes and capers that ensue, none more so than Janelle Monae’s Andi Brand, Bron’s previous business partner who he “Zuckerberged” out of the massive digital company he now controls.

Monae’s performance is the most impressive of the movie, barring possibly Benoit Blanc himself. Monae manages to expertly manoeuvre through the peaks and falls of her character's arc in the movie. You want her to win, in a similar way you wanted Ana de Armas to win in the last movie.

However, as stated apart from Norton and Monet a lot of the accolades for acting his ass off in this movie are Daniel Craig and Benoit Blanc. In the last movie he was more reserved, his character's true colours hidden behind a fancy, southern exterior that didn’t chew a lot of scenery but Daniel Craig was truly on one for the sequel movie because he is dazzling.

He has dialled up the southern drawl to a full boil and added a campness, a certain silliness, that is utterly delightful to watch. He solves the movie's mysteries with the same unflinching deftness, but while he does so he flounders around the compound and says many funny things, and gives a lot of funny looks. It’s really cool to see Daniel Craig be wild and silly in a way he hasn’t been able to since Bond or even the last Knives Out. He also wears a fun two-piece bathing suit around and is in a relationship with Hugh Grant.

Special shout out to the rest of the cast who also played their roles excellently, Especially Kate Hudson as Birdie Jay who has a fantastic line or two including “This thing can’t Shazam… It’s a lamp.”

Overall Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is enthralling, fun and satisfying. It combines all the brilliant and unexpected twists and clues of the original with a fresh aesthetic and a whole new cast of rich a-holes two love/hate.

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