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Join Doja Cat, and Live on "Planet Her."

Have you ever wanted to traverse a strange otherworldly desert filled with beautiful giant women? Have you wanted to sneak and dance through a forest or jungle that wasn’t of this earth? Have you ever wanted to float through space like you’re swimming backwards in a beautiful pool filled with stars? This is the adventure Doja Cat invites you on as you listen to her third studio album, “Planet Her”.

Lots of people have tried the “other world where music shapes the landscape” thing, and I have to say, of all the recent musical worlds, Planet her is my favourite. The first album after the one that gave her her big break, Hot Pink, Planet Her elevates Doja’s style sonically and lyrically, as she takes you on this bizarre, sexy journey. A rundown of a few of the albums hottest tracks in my opinion:

· ‘Woman’ – A tribal beat and a powerful anthem for womanhood. That pays special tribute to Rihanna, “I could be the CEO, just like a Robyn Fenty,”

· I don’t do Drugs is floaty and light, sweet like candy and perfectly suited to match Ariana Grande’s silky vocals.

· You Right feels like you’re zooted in space, the thumping beat hypnotising you, with the addition of the Weekend's vocals it’s a perfect single track, and in fact already has its own video, filled with aliens, otherworldly visuals and Doja is portrayed as a beautiful Libran goddess.

· Options ft JID sneaks up on you, with its light flute and Doja’s feather-light

vocals, the song gets a shock in the form of JID who hit’s the song with lightning-fast bars, one of the best features on the album.

· Then, of course, there’s Ain’t Shit, an anthem to the inadequacy of men in a relationship, the lyrics are hilarious including such gems as; “Logical thinkin’ is just something that you lack, so What you even mad for? Lookin' like a stick up in your asshole” And “Left on read and can't give head Buddy, you ain't shit, need a laxative”

Planet her is definitely an album I could put on and not skip a track, as I laid back and did, well, whatever really. It’s got that perfect vibe that artists love these days, not overly disruptive enough to disturb you while you go about life, but still interesting enough to leave a big impression on you when you think back on

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