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PREY Review (Some Spoilers.)

I don’t talk about Action or Adventure movies outside of the MCU a lot, and that’s because I don’t often watch them. Sometimes I get a little anxious when there’s a lot of action, a lot of realistic (Or more realistic than Thor) violence, but I saw the poster for Dan Trachtenburg’s “PREY” movie, the main characters covered in predator blood, and was immediately compelled to give it a go.

I had to see it, and I’m so glad I did because folks, PREY is dope. It’s a unique spin on the old Predator movies, which I have not seen so don’t ask, as it is set three hundred years ago, led by a native American actress. Amanda Midthunder performs her ass off. Playing a Comanche girl named Naru, as she undergoes a right of passage normally reserved for the men in her tribe. The challenge is to hunt something big that has the intention of hunting her, like a lion or bear. This is funny because from what I’ve heard that’s what the predator does, hunt the apex to bring back to it’s planet.

So the whole movie is two incredibly skilled hunters, one so further technologically than the other, coming after in each other. The stakes are high for both but we are obviously rooting for this young woman, who is constantly being downplayed and dunked on by her tribe. Being told that she should only be a healer and a gatherer, but Naru is determined to be a hunter like her very attractive brother.

The action in this movie is insane. Most of the blood and the gore comes from the predator, who tears apart several animals it sees as big threats, several Frenchmen who prove to be useless, and many other humans. He splits them in half, stabs heads, rips out spines, kills a bear, and is just a general mess. It seems easy for the beast because of its advanced weaponry and brute strength.

Then there’s Naru, who proves she is just as capable in different ways. She sets traps, she outsmarts stupider foes, and she learns the predators’ weaknesses and intelligently uses them against it. She proves to be a better hunter than all the others in her tribe and watching her go toe to toe with this beast is amazing. The final battle is amazing and I really hope it gets uploaded to YouTube sometime soon. Amanda Midthunder gives an amazing performance swinging between her desperate need to survive and her steely reserve in the face of tremendous danger. She has a dog that also acts its ass off.

One of my favourite things in this movie, and I don’t talk about these kinds of things like this often, is the sound. It’s a quiet movie void of most music. Each thwack of an axe against wood, or steel against bone right down to a bear’s roar, this movie’s sound is incredible. It really immerses you in the world of a hunter.

The visual effects are also amazing, yes there are CGI moments, and a lot of the movie the predator is actually covered in an “invisible” sheen, because that’s what they do. You can see it but it’s invisible for so long which is a huge shame, because the actual predator, down to it’s mask and moving, disgusting mouth are all visual effects. There’s a TikTok I believe making the rounds on the internet of how the mask works. It’s really cool and it looks a lot scarier. This is my official campaign to have more VFX in movies.

It’s also an incredibly cool thing to watch a Native American girl, fighting for her tribe. All the previous movies were fought by men with big guns, whereas this movie is fought by a young girl with an axe. It’s cool to see the Comanche get highlighted. This is also the first movie to get dubbed in both English and Comanche. I hope we get to see more of this type of representation in big hit streaming movies like this.

It's not something I would recommend for the truly weak at heart (I can’t talk really,) but I WOULD recommend trying to push through any squeamishness or preciousness to get into this movie. It’s tense, it’s action packed and it’s unique in it’s depiction of different cultures mixed with Sci-fi monster mayhem. Go watch Prey here in Australia on Disney+ or on Hulu if you are in America.

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