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Thor Love and Thunder Review (Spoilers.)

I’m alive!! Can you believe?? And I’m back with a not-so-fresh idea called “I’ll get to it…”, a series of reviews for things that have been out for a bit, from weeks to months, sometimes I can be slow to see things and need to review them a bit late, this is the place for that. It’s a review for those still deciding if you want to see something or not. I have a few ideas for a few more things from TV seasons to albums… Yes, THAT week-old album.

This time I’m reviewing “Thor 4/More Thor”, or as the public call it, “Thor, Love and Thunder.” I’ve been wanting to see this one for a while. I’m a big fan of the last Thor movie, Ragnarok. it has been my favourite MCU movie since its release and I have been hoping that the fourth instalment, also directed by Taika Waititi would live up to it. And while it had a lot of the same colour, passion and music of its predecessor, plus a few more very enjoyable aspects, it didn’t quite scratch me where I itch.

There was a lot to love, as I said. Mainly the main storyline, though thin in parts, was well paced and dotted with beautiful drama and chaotic humour. The reintroduction of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster/The Mighty Thor really worked. I don’t remember the first two Thor’s that much, because they sucked. But I think missing one movie and coming back worked. There was a lot of hype for her return and she delivers. She’s heroic, her story is heartfelt and, I think, an important one to tell in the MCU.

Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher is a complete revelation, from a man in crisis, pleading out for help, to the rotten-toothed, child-napping psychopath, Bale really lived long enough to see himself become the perfect villain. In his world, one where colour can’t reach, He is the perfect boogeyman, the harbinger of doom that sometimes Marvel has a hard time creating.

There could have been more time to explore the gore of Gorr, had we not wasted so much time in “Omnipotence City.” The city where Zeus and every other conceivable god from every religion reside, Omnipotence City was a total time waster. Highlights? Seeing Chris Hemsworth’s ass, and seeing a dumpling god named Bao. But other than Russell Crow’s pretty horrendous accent, it just feels like time wasted, as none of the cool gods you get a glimpse of have any bearing on the story. It’s all flash.

The action sequences were a definite highlight, especially against Gorr, where sparks of light from their weapons would momentarily colour the landscape, which was a beautiful editing choice. As was the decision to make Gorr’s world entirely black and white in the first place. It allows him to summon Burton-esque horrors, monsters that look like they just came out of Beetle Juice, but you can’t be quite sure because they are made of shadow. The fights are usual sword fights except when the Mighty Thor wields her hammer. Jane does some amazing fighting in the movie and it’s worth it to see how she fights a bit differently from Hemsworth’s Thor.

However, the movie lacked one thing that made Taika’s last Thor movie so entertaining. The laughs. Although jokes were told and they were kind of funny, they lacked the belly chuckle kind of humour Ragnarok is famous for. Korg, the rock monster voiced by Taika was funny, and Chris Hemsworth’s comedic chops continue to entertain but it didn’t really get there for me.

So overall Marvel's “Thor: Love and Thunder,” was an entertaining couple of hours that I overall did enjoy. The characters had great chemistry, it had a pretty good ending, and two rock men make a baby over a volcano. If you are a marvel nut this is definitely one you’ll want to see, but if you’re a high theatre critic this might be one you forget over time.

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