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Twitter Comedian Lil Nas X Releases Greatest Album of All Time.

Apart from being a legendary twitter comedian, conservative instigator, and marketing Genius, Lil Nas X makes some pretty damn good music. Everyone and their mum remembers Old Town Road, and his newest lead single Montero also reached #1 in America.

Now, after years in the making, he’s released his debut album, also titled “Montero”, (the young stars real name) a roller-coaster ride of sounds and feelings that will have you bouncing in your seat, and then crying in the streets as he deals with some really personal content matter. From the tragic and personal, relationships, to the celebration of his career so far and to what’s to come, and his struggle wrangling with fame.

“That’s What I Want,” where he talks about what he’s looking for in a man, in a vulnerable verse he describes what he feels like he’s been missing out on.

“Cuz it don’t feel right when it’s late at night and it’s just me and my dreams.”

Nas has never been this candid, and it flows through the album, a joy to listen to, although the feeling and tone of each song change drastically from one to the next. “Dead Right Now”, a slow, moody affair has Nas berating an ex who missed his chance while “Tales of Domica is a light sounding yet lyrically devastating song about his mental health and feeling exposed by fame.

Yet there are plenty of “bops” that also celebrate his joy at being where he is, dating who he wants, and living his best life. His latest single, the Kanye West-produced “Industry Baby”, is bombastic and triumphant as he shouts” I don’t f**K b***hes I’m queer,” one of the many celebrations of his LGBT status on the album. ”Lost in the Citadel”, another song about lost love is actually really inspiring in tone and the lyrics are really sweet. “SCOOP” has a similar excited, upbeat feel, accompanied by a typically excellent feature by Doja Cat.

All the features on the album, from Jack Harlow to Megan the Stallion, to Sir Elton John himself, elevate each song to new, exciting places not a lot of debut albums experience.

And it goes to show the reverence and respect so many people in the industry have for Nas and what he’s doing. Sure he has detractors, who he constantly trolls to tremendous effect, but mostly, everyone just wants Nas to do well, and it’s really sweet seeing people rallying around this young, black, queer artist. Every move he makes seems to have an impact, from selling Satan Shoes, to his VMA winning Video for the albums titular lead song "Montero."

And for me, personally, as a young gay person, seeing Nas rise to the top of pop culture has been a true joy and inspiration. Hearing a full album about a young man singing and rapping about loving men is something that I didn’t think I’d hear from a mainstream artist any time soon. His videos, too, are worth mentioning as so far, from “Montero” we’ve seen a lot of boundary-pushing queer artistry.

“Montero,” is a surprisingly thoughtful, measured, and moody album, coming from a young man who seemingly has an endless supply of swagger and humour. This kind of maturity in his music is really promising to his start as a musician and I wait on bated breath for every internet crashing video, update, and song this rising young icon comes out with.

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