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Welcome to Constantly Irksome

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hello! My name is Noah Yard and this is my new blog “Constantly Irksome.” This first post is just to introduce myself, and to outline what I would like to achieve with this website, as well as why my site is named what it is!

I ‘m a student, currently completing a masters of writing, with goals of writing for visual media in the future but I have a particular interest in short stories and media reviews.

I love consuming all kinds of media and I’m pretty much constantly watching, listening, playing or reading something and usually I’ll have an opinion on it and usually I’ll share it unsolicited, so I thought I’d create a space to share some of the great (and some of the not so great) things that I watch or maybe even share some of my own short stories and work. I try to be as impartial with my opinions as possible but if I care about an issue strongly enough then it will either be pretty great or pretty awful.

You might be wondering, ‘Noah, why is your blog called Constantly Irksome? Is it because you're super annoying?’ No! I’m amazing. The name comes from one of my favourite quotes from one of my all-time favourite shows Schitt’s Creek! It’s serendipitous that my site launch would happen the same week that the show won 9 freaking Emmys! It’s a show that’s incredibly important to me and I’m honestly devastated that it’s over to be honest.

I first started watching it on the recommendation of my sister. Having nothing else to watch I decided to give this random little Canadian show a try and was immediately charmed by this seemingly horrible family, the Roses, moving to the equally awful titular town. Slowly the family, through the lenses of a different economic lifestyle, changes for the better, and the characters begin to grow and share love and acceptance in bucketloads. It’s feelgood television with a unique comedic twist.

I think one of the reasons I love it so much was summed up by creator and actor Dan Levy, it’s about the transformative properties of love. This family was pushed together with nothing left but each other to lean on, and they change and grow in an environment that allows it. They are poor but are never judged for it, David (played by Levy) is an LGBT character in a queer and openly affectionate relationship in a town with no homophobia and are supported when they try to do things to further their own personal growth. Plus, it’s funny as hell.

In episode 1x04, when the family is still rotten, Moira doesn’t even know her daughter's middle name. When pressed, in a strange accent that Catharine O’Hara masterfully created, she asks “Alexis! Why must you be so constantly irksome??” It’s a line that I quote a lot and it always makes my mum and sister laugh.

So, my new blog is an ode one of the greatest TV shows, that as a gay man gave me many hours of joy and comfort in the knowledge that queer love and self-development is possible! I hope this silly little site can make people smile too and encourage people to expand on the media they consume (including some that I make.) Thank you to anyone reading and enjoy!

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