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What I've Been Playing: Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I actually had no plans to buy Pikmin 3 Deluxe, because I‘ve actually never played a Pikmin game before. It was my sister’s fiancé (the man I turn to find a lot of my Nintendo games) who convinced me it might be a fun game to play, and boy way he right!

You play as the crew of the SS Drake, Alph, Britany and Charlie as they explore a mysterious new planet in search of food to sustain their home planet Koppai, which has run out. The planet holds a striking resemblance to earth at times except all the fruit and items are enormous and the lands are filled with lots of creepy-crawly enemies.

While in search of food and fruit, the crew of the Drake come across a mysterious race of tiny lifeforms that they call “Pikmin,” who they corral into helping them carry and discover more food.

The gameplay is pretty simple, you walk around predetermined paths for each level, where a number of fruit pieces and enemies are scattered. Your job is to find these items and use the pikmin to carry the food back to the SS Drake. To do this you recruit any stray pikmin you can during a day because each level is broken up into how much you can get done during the day on the planet (about fifteen real-life minutes). Then depending on the pikmin’s colour, you throw them at objectives until they do what you want. You can get them to fight enemies, pick up fruit, break down barriers and build bridges.

There are five different colours of pikmin, each with their own abilities unique to them. Red pikmin, the most plentiful in the game, are good fighters and can withstand fire. Blue pikmin can swim, yellow conduct electricity, pink fly and black break glass. You need an even collection of colours every day in order to move through each of the five levels efficiently. Be careful though because, in my experience, you’ll start t see a lull in the amount of pink, black and yellow pikmin you have, as they are harder to find and are easier snacks for enemies.

The success of each level depends on how much fruit/juice you can bring back to the SS Drake, and once you run out of juice it’s game over. There’s enough fruit/juice in the worlds to last you ninety-nine in-game days, although from experience and from what I’ve read online you’ll only need about twenty to twenty-two days to finish the game.

This cute, simple puzzler, while not very long, gave me a few good hours of respite from the unending horror that is 2020. It’s a port and upgrade to the 2014 game Pikmin 3, a Wii u game that received great reviews from critics at the time. The Deluxe version includes bonus side missions with Captain Olimar, and all the DLC from the original game.

The Pikmin series has quickly become a fan favourite in the Nintendo fandom, and Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a great example of how fun, light-hearted and entertaining the series is. Go play it now, available in hard copy or on the Nintendo e-shop.

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